Sustainable Industry Leaders in China

Today we met with two industry leaders and toured their facilities: Danfoss (Demark based and family owned company with 26,000 employees globally that produces 250,000 items per day at 93 factories in 25 countries) and LM Wind Power (Also headquartered in Denmark and is the world’s leading component supplier to the wind turbine industry with over 4,676 employees worldwide.)

We took a high-speed train to visit their factories in Wuging. Danfoss’s works in refrigeration and air conditioning, heating, VLT drives, industrial automation, water controls, high-pressure systems, BAUER geared motors, solar energy and silicon power modules. But their focus today is on energy optimization and green technology in order to have the least possible impact on their surroundings and the most efficient use of resources. As Danfoss experiences growth in China, they’re constantly learning and adapting to what it means to compete in the Chinese market. Some of the challenges of competing in China lie in attracting labor verses their competitors and IPR. Oh and for MBA’s excited about international business and sustainable energy solutions, Danfoss has a postgraduate 2-year rotating program.

LM Wind Power handles blade manufacturing, brake manufacturing and service and logistics.  They’ve produced more than 130,300 blades in the course of more than 30 years (approximately 43 GW installed wind power capacity which can each year effectively replace approximately 74 million tons of CO2.) Did you know each blade undergoes a full year wind tunnel quality test?

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